Here’s how to get the most out of your South Florida Sun Sentinel subscription

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            There are many benefits to being a Sun Sentinel subscriber. Here’s a quick guide on how to get the most of your digital subscription.

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            On your phone

            Download our app (available here for iOS and here for Android) and allow notifications if you’d like to receive updates from us:

            • Tap the alerts icon toward the bottom right of the app.
            • Select “Customize alert settings.”
            • Choose which topics you’re interested in: Breaking News, Sports, Miami Dolphins, Miami Heat, traffic, deals, entertainment or weather.

            Follow us on Apple News (iOS devices only):

            • Under the “channels” tab, search for “South Florida Sun Sentinel” in the Apple News app.
            • Select our channel.
            • Tap the heart in the upper right corner to see our stories in your feed.

            Get breaking news updates

            We’ll send you alerts for breaking news you need to know about.

            • Submit your email and we’ll send breaking news to your inbox.
            • Pop-up alerts: Download our app using the instructions above. Tap the alerts icon, then “customize alert settings” and select “news.”

            Your favorite topics in your inbox

            Get news and information you care about most by signing up for our newsletters:

            • Morning Update: Start your day with the top stories in South Florida.
            • The Eat Beat: Mike Mayo’s reviews and news about South Florida dining and drinking.
            • The Weekender: A roundup of the best events and restaurant openings in South Florida so you can make it an epic weekend.
            • Your Health: The latest health news, fitness science and nutritional updates that help you live longer and better.
            • El Sentinel: Un boletín informativo gratuito a través de tu correo electrónico cada semana con los artículos más importantes del sur de Florida.
            • Plus more, including recipes, Sports, Miami Dolphins and Miami Heat.

            On social media

            Let’s face it, you get a lot of your news and information on social media. Connect with us on Twitter (@sunsentinel) and Facebook.

            If you don’t want to miss a thing, here’s how to make sure you see the Sun Sentinel’s posts first in your Facebook newsfeed:

            • Navigate to our Facebook page.
            • Click on “Following” at the top (you might have to first click on “...” if you’re on a mobile device).
            • Select “See First.”

            You can also find us on Instagram @sunsentinel, where we highlight the best work of our visual journalists and give you visual stories about life around South Florida.

            Love eating out? Join our Facebook group Let’s Eat, South Florida. You’ll find thousands of people just like yourself offering insider suggestions, new finds, reviews, suggestions and more.

            On your smart speaker

            Every weekday, you can hear the Sun Sentinel’s top headlines on your Alexa and Google Home devices, as well as other smart speakers and podcast apps.

            On SunSentinel.com

            As a subscriber, you get unlimited access to SunSentinel.com, which is updated throughout the day with the latest news, sports, weather, things to do and more.

            Look for our:

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            Subscribers have access to a digital replica of our print edition. Flip through it on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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